Mythos stems from my greatest passion for cynophily and the love and respect for nature that I always had.

This values  inspired the creation of each my product, that is  100% NATURAL  and completely MADE IN ITALY.

The raw materials, not produced in our production site, are supplied by organic certified producers.  (puoi anche scrivere cosi, anche se preferisco la prima versione): the raw materials, not produced in our production site, are purchased from suppliers who have organic certifications)

In case of cosmetics that require the use of preservatives, emulsifiers and other non-organic elements, we  rely on those recommended by ecocert.

 My products don’t contain  paraffine, petrolatum, silicones and parabenes. Nevertheless  there is not organic claim on packaging, in orde to avoid to increase final price due to high cost of organic certification and the use of these claims.

Mythos products are not tested on animals!

“Every day I thank destiny for giving you, Becks and Kimi, you are my happiness and the main reason for the launch of MYTHOS”                                                                                                               

Giulia M.

Do you are e groomer or you are a breeder? I can propose to you a discount percentage in order you can text me.

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