Our history

Dream your future and make it happen (Mythos)

History of Mythos

Mythos stems from my greatest passion, cynophily, together with my love and respect for nature.

Since I was a child, I always wanted to have a dog, it was the only gift I asked for. I wanted a furry friend to bring for adventures in the woods, running along in the fields or simply to curl up with me on the couch.

After long 18 years, my biggest dream became true:a beautiful golden retriever, my beloved Becks, came in my life, a trusted partned with whom I practiced civil protection activities.

I’ve always been fascinated by the world of dog shows and, after six years, Kimi appeared in my life, an American golden retriever with whom I embarked on the path of dog shows. I felt the need to use products that were not aggressive on my dogs, with formulations which could respect their natural pH, and which do not contain silicones, petrolatum and parabens. I wanted something different, something that was mine, something that was really of the highest quality.

Everything started, when I met by chance a person who became very important in my life, and he helped me to give life to my brand “Mythos!

Let’s call it destiny or whatever we want, but finally I realised the way to be taken.

It took a long time, but in the end my ideas merged with his knowledge, creating “Mythos” products.

In a world where we use silicones, petrolatum and parabens to chase the so-called “red carpet” effect, our “Mythos” team try to distinguish ourselves by being different.

I have always been contrary to the use of human products that contain ingredients such as silicones, petrolatum and parabens, so why should we use them on animals?

With the “Mythos” brand, we wanted to transform what nature offers into animal cosmetics, obtaining a professional result.

We are proud to use ingredients originally dedicated for human use, coming from local organic cultivations from the Emilia Romagna region. Plants grown in these lands, have a high content of active ingredients and a powerful vital charge. Our products contain the fragrances of flowers, plants, in short, the true scents of the earth!

Almost all raw materials used are purchased from organic certified suppliers. In case of Cosmetics that require the use of preservatives, emulsifiers and other non-organic elements, we rely on those recommended by Ecocert.

All “Mythos” products are Cruelty-Free.

I thank destiny for putting you on my path, Becks and Kimi, allowing me every day to enjoy a wonderful life with you. Everything is born from the love that I have for you both.

I thank my parents, who have always supported me in my passion.

Ringrazio il Goldenboy’s team, i miei compagni in expo, per essere stati i primi ad utilizzare i miei prodotti.

Ringrazio i miei clienti per essersi affidati a MYTHOS, perché Voi siete grande fonte di miglioramento.

I thank the Goldenboy’s team, my partners in expo, for being the first one to use my products.

I thank my customers for relying on MYTHOS, because you are a great source of improvement.

A Raffaella Nannoni e David Pinatel che hanno creduto in me e mi hanno spronata ad intraprendere quest’avventura meravigliosa, a voi, il mio più sentito GRAZIE.

My most heartfelt THANK YOU goes to Raffaella Nannoni and David Pinatel who believed in me and encouraged me to embark on this wonderful adventure.

Giulia Melotti
(Founder of Mythos brand)